Why not come listen? Who knows, you might like what you hear and decide to join us. And we'd like to have you!

We're a group of men who like to sing four part a cappella (unaccompanied) harmony, both for our own enjoyment and to entertain our audiences. We also teach our members how to sing better. (And better is more fun.) Musical Director of the Long Island Harmonizers is Maurice Debar, a talented teacher, and we also bring in coaches from time to time to continually hone our skills in enjoyable ways. The wide range of songs we sing were composed sometime between 1890 and now.  By and large they are (or were) popular American music.

We are part of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the largest male singing organization of its kind, with chapters such as ours not only all over the country -- but all over the world. We benefit from that membership in many ways


Many of our members do not sight read music; we provide learning CD’s to help with that. We learn our music and learn to harmonize together, so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We don't care how high or low your voice is; we'll find a place for you. Come join us and lift your voice in song with ours.

Those interested are welcome to attend. For more information visit our About Us / FAQ page, or call 516-242-2059 J


The sound of more than two dozen Nassau Mid-Island Chapter voices blended in harmony, appearances by its barbershop quartets, OR a combination of the two in performance can be scheduled by contacting the Barbershop Harmony Society's Nassau Mid-Island Chapter. 

Whether it's a walk down memory lane and a nostalgic look at the past, or the presentation of songs that are of a more recent vintage, the unique style that we call "barbershopping" is applied to all, drawing rapt attention and enthusiastic applause by young and old. With scripted commentary, audiences can not only count on delightful musical experiences, but on gaining a fuller understanding of why this preserved art form continues to be cherished all over the world.

The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter is proud to show off its "wheres" -- including its comfortable rehearsal facilities that bring members (and those interested in possibly joining its ranks) together for its weekly practices. 

Guests have an opportunity to sample and enjoy this art form and participate as well. For meeting and rehearsal information, kindly visit our meeting and rehearsal page by clicking here.


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